Entech & Semar offers a wide range of high quality services and repairs from maritime to energy industry. Within our mission, we try to provide best quality under all conditions, in anywhere, to the all of our customers.


Entech&Semar provides a support in the framework of company vision for the management of projects and programs in shipbuilding and other engineering fields. With our competent staff, we respond to customers' engineering needs with a modern and active understanding that the needs of our customers are priorities.


Entech&Semar is a solutions driven supplier with a main priority of quality. We supply both new and reconditioned cost-effective spares for wide range of engines and ancillary equipments.

Entech & Semar

Entech & Semar is the collobrated form of two well-known and leading companies in Turkish maritime industry. As quality was the main point of both, Entech & Semar has merged their organizations and resturctured their idea of service to provide the combined solutions.

For Entech & Semar, experience is connected to pro-active energy and collobrated with the sincere professionalism. Our passion is still motivate us whilst our professionalism supporting our strength.
From our headquarters based in Istanbul, Turkey, which is a key point of accessing Europe and MENA regions, we are providing engineering and new building solutions for maritime and power generation industries.

Together with that, sub-offices in Europe and MENA region are supporting our operations and strengthen the globality.

Why Entech&Semar
  • Quality Policy
  • Excellent & Sincere Professionalism
  • Solution-Focused Consultancy
  • Value-Added & Exceptional Service
  • Available Stock Facilities
  • World Wide Network
  • Competitive Product Range
  • International Transportation Solutions

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