Cylinder Head & Equipments

For 2 and 4 stroke engines, Entech&Semar is well experienced to supply cylinder heads&equipments with high quality and each system component is manufactured with precision to achieve best performance even under extreme conditions.

As Entech&Semar,we can offer complete systems and single components as well including valve spindles, guides, springs, seats, rotators, clamping cones, inlet valve, exhaust valve, seals for diesel engine maker's brands.

In addition our insite service is reconditioning would be an ideal way which helps our customers to avoid the unnecessary and expensive replacement of components that exceeded wear tolerances or damaged in operation.By extending the useful life of critical engine components,our valuable customers will be able to have the maximum use of these parts with minimized maintenance cost without compromising safety or reliability.

Also Entech&Semar technical team is able to provide a qualified service for cylinder head recondition works to our valuable clients by our skilled and experienced team together with the technological infrastructure and equipments at our workshop.