Entech&Semar and VTE are proud to provide professional solutions related with protecting ourselves from infection and for healthy breathing during corona pandemic.

As we are in the fall season and oncoming winter , we have already started to spend most of our time at indoor spaces where new challenges occur for the ventilation.

In conjuction with this, three different air cleaning units have been developed in order to reduce the risk of infection at indoor areas of the general work and leisure environment such as offices, factories, classrooms, restaurants.

Bluecare, OurAirSQ and OurAir TK products will be able to reduce the virus load in an 80m2 room by 90% in 30 minutes and already after 10 minutes by more than 50%.

Entech&Semar and VTE will be happy to provide antiviral air purification systems for a healthy indoor climate.

For your valuable inquiries please submit to marketing@entechsemar.com

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